Design Services

Some of our services include, Company Logos and Trademarks design, Ad and Banner design, Complete Websites, Shopping Carts and Online Stores, Customized Graphics, Web Templates, Newsletter and Ezine Creation and Publishing and Website Maintenance. We build websites from the ground up and can fix websites that are in need of a helping hand or just need a quick face lift.

We offer the lowest prices online for Web Design and Graphic Creation. We stand behind our work and will follow through until we are assured that your site is up and working properly. We offer Free Site Evaluation and Consultation. If you are in need of a web host for your website, we can suggest a few that are very affordable and we can even help you setup the account as well.


Award Program

We offer Awards for Websites we believe are Absolutely Fabulous. Sites are judged on Originality, Overall Design Quality, Attractive Design and are a Genuine Contribution to the Web Design Community. Not everyone will walk away a winner. We can send anyone a detailed report as to why their website did not win one of our awards at any time. Just write to us and ask for the report and we will gladly send it.

Any sites that DO WIN will be a gem and in our book the very best of the web. Winners will be notified by email so please make sure your email is genuine. Please note that it might also take awhile before you hear back from us, you WILL however. We reply to ALL of our Award Applicants as soon as we can. We reserve the right at anytime to make any modifications to this guide.

Sometimes there might be special circumstances where you have not received an award result from us after a period of time. Circumstances like email or web server problems, a virus in email programs, problems with the online form, etc… If that is the case then please reapply for one of our awards. Please wait at least a couple of weeks at the most BEFORE reapplying. Thank You.

Design Services

Must be visible and layout must conform nicely to other design elements of website. Ease of use is important and attractive in Design Services . Mouseovers are alright just so long as they work right away, and the graphic buttons aren’t too slow to load.

Navigation Menus that are created with Java should have an alternative link for a normal menu to open since some web browsers don’t use Java. Flash menus should work right away. If your menu area is created with images make sure they are web ready and have been optimized for the internet. The world we now live in is a fast moving one and most people just simply don’t have the time to sit and wait on anything that is slow to load.

Navigation area must be able to jump nicely from page to page without errors of any kind. Must be able to get back to page last visited with either web browser, button or text link. We will take points away for those who disable the right click menu in our browser’s. Those who enable the right click script for protecting images are alright and we understand completely. Most people don’t know this, but there are disabled people who use the web also and when you disable these features in your web pages you make it impossible for these individuals to access your website. That is another reason why we ask others to have/create another simple page available for such a purpose.

Site Design:

Must have fluid Design Services and viewable in ALL screen resolutions. If not, must have link to alternate page for viewing. Colors must be pleasing to the eye and text MUST be readable on each of the pages. ( For example white text on black bg or black text on white bg ) Frames are frowned upon and if your site must be in a frame then at least have a script installed to break free of frames so when we leave your site we won’t be trapped inside it.

Must have matching design theme throughout site, or at least some way of telling that we’re on the same site when viewing a different page. Graphics must be fast loading or at least within a couple of minutes. Some Flash websites will be tolerated as long as they are fast loading and the front page has a way of entering without viewing some slow loading intro. Large Animations, Java Applets or Movies will have points taken away. Unfortunately there are still those online who have dialup and slow ISP’s to contend with. I have visited websites that took well over 5 to 15 minutes to load. Your probably thinking well, that doesn’t seem very long. But I assure you, when you have 35 other sites to visit in one day to review for an award, believe me, it does matter.

Background Music on webpages is irritating and will have points taken away. Music is all well and good as long as you don’t force your favorites on someone else. For example, I don’t think anyone over the age of 60 would be too happy listening to Rap or Death Metal. Please try and show some consideration for others by having a way of turning it off.


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