Quark and PDF

I am using Quark 5 and Acrobat 5 on an XP machine. What is the difference between the traditional way of printing a Quark file to postscript and letting Distiller make the PDF and/or saving the Quark file as an EPS and using Distiller to make a PDF from that? Your insights, as always, are greatly appreciated.

Quark and PDF

Quark and PDF files include no fonts, so that alone is reason not to do this. You can use the PDF Filter included with XPress 5, which merely automates the “print-to-postscript-and-distill” method of PDF creation. XPress 6 will have internal PDF creation using the JAWS library. .

Saving as EPS does not embed the fonts. If you print to PostScript and turn on ‘include all fonts’ this makes the PDF file more reliable. If in Acrobat, you turn off ‘use local fonts’ this forces Quark and PDF Acrobat to use the fonts inside the PDF which makes the PDF display as the author intended.

You can embed the fonts into a Quark and PDF after it is made using Enfocus Pitstop Professional, providing you have them – I think there may be an Xtension available that enables one to embed the fonts when you save a Quark Page as EPS, but I am not sure…

Callas software makes one called ‘FontIncluder’, which you can read about here http://www.creativepro.com/software/home/719.html .

There is a xtension I use for Quark (both Mac and PC) called Fontwizard XT that will embed the active fonts into any eps file made right from QuarkXPress. –Tracy Caddell, 101communications LLC

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