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Graphics Design Mission
Graphics Design is dedicated to helping designers and creative professionals stay current on the latest products, best practices, news, and tips & techniques in the graphic and Web design markets. Our goal is to provide real-world, practical information about the software and tools that designers and creative professionals use every day.

Graphics Design

Market description
The graphic design market used to be narrowly defined as print design—desktop publishing and its related functions. Today, the market has broadened to include a much wider range of markets and creative professionals working in those markets. No longer does the “graphic design” simply refer to those involved with desktop publishing, but has broadened its reach to target web designers, print designers, prepress professionals, 3D mavens, illustrators, creative directors at magazines, ad agencies, and marketing shops, and all the various users of graphic design technologies, Graphics Design software and systems. The market has clearly expanded during the past 10 years, in a parallel growth-track to the growth of technology.

Target audience
The primary audience for Graphics Design is the creative professionals who are focused on design objectives, specifically graphic designers, creative directors and other creative professionals. Many of these professionals work either at creative companies such as ad agencies, marketing firms or graphic design shops, or for the creative or marketing department at large corporations. Regardless of where they work, however, these individuals are responsible for managing, overseeing and participating in the creative projects at their places of employment.

Professional titles involved in the creative process include both executive-level creative directors and their supporting cast of creative professionals, including: art directors, graphic designers, publishers, desktop publishers, designers, and webmasters.

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