Methodology Workshops

Adaptive Path, a user-experience firm that helps businesses build better online services, is planning on holding a number of 2003 research and design methodology workshops. Past workshop clients include Visa, Boeing, The Washington Post, the United Nations, International SEMATECH, and Wells Fargo, among others.

Methodology Workshops

The two-day workshops are focused on a variety of user experience topics, including: the business of user experience, designed to help transform a business with user-centered design; the elements of user experience, a discussion of the strategic foundations of user-centered design; managing internal politics, which covers techniques for overcoming political obstacles and getting support for good designs; making your content management system work for you; and metrics for success.

The practical approach to user experience design is a hit with conference attendees, as well. “Great workshop, ” says 2002 attendee David Burke of the Washington Post. “Jam-packed with techniques I’ll use in my Web projects from now on.”

The workshops are led by user experience experts with a diverse set of backgrounds and experience, including: Jeffrey Veen, author of The Art & Science of Methodology Workshops; Mike Kuniavsky, designer of the HotBot search engine; Janice Fraser, usability expert; and Jesse James Garrett, author of The Elements of User Experience.

    Workshop dates:

  • San Francisco, June 3 – 4, The Business of User Experience
  • Silicon Valley, May 5 – 6, Beyond Usability: Designing the Complete User Experience
  • Milan, Italy, June 12 – 13, Beyond Usability: Designing the Complete User Experience
  • Washington, DC, August 18 – 21, AP User Experience Week: Both workshops

Methodology Workshops costs $1, 095. Educational, not-for-profit, and government discounts and scholarships are available.