Printing Services


  • Prints 62 inches wide
  • Indoor & Outdoor signs & banners
  • Murals, displays & backlit Posters
  • 12 colour printing
  • Near photographic quality – 1200dpi
  • Indoor & outdoor inks
  • Matches 90% of Pantone Colours

Printing Services

Online Print Services is a full service, experienced, BIG COLOUR computer graphics company specializing in the production and reproduction of vibrant, oversize, high resolution images, on a vast choice of media plus an advanced array of laminating, mounting and finishing options.
Yes, we can meet all your high resolution (1200 dpi) BIG COLOUR imaging needs with consistent colour, print after print, with a 62 inch wide print capability by almost any length.

Our inkjet posters are produced on our new Colorspan DisplayMaker SERIES XII printer. Truly unparalleled in function, our 12-printhead design supports the widest range of print modes, GAMUT+ Variable Mode Printing, Color Versatility and freedom of choice for media selection.

Here are some applications

Imagine turning your favorite photo of all time in to a canvas work of art!
Using our sate-of-the-art digital imaging inkjet technology, you will be thrilled when you receive your picture recreated as an artistic masterpiece on real fine art canvas.
Perfect for car shows, air shows, group pictures, competitions, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, special events, advertisements…. whatever the occasion.
And as large as you want!

Trade show graphics are an exciting part of our business
Our high resolution trade show graphics feature vibrant, accurate colour and our well known attention to detail.
We can create smaller images or photo murals that completely cover the walls of your booth, making for a very dramatic presentation – all finished to your specifications to hold your graphics in place.
Various combinations of materials are available to produce highest quality durable images, to suit any budget.

Large format printing has given birth to a whole new way to advertise in retail settings right under our noses, and our feet – Floor Graphics
Often seen as the next frontier in retail advertising, floor graphics are extremely eye catching and effective. Used by many, many retailers, these digitally printed floor graphics are ideal for short run promotions, clearance / end of the season specials, and the like.
Engineered not to peel under normal foot traffic for a present amount of time, digitally printed floor graphics are an ideal advertising medium for a wide variety of uses and messages.

There is a new kid in town threatening to displace the old standard vinyl banners for outdoor displays and advertising – AND IN FULL COLOUR
The material, Tyvek, is a webbed paper that is difficult to crumple or tear, has a Class A Fire Rating, and equally important, a natural resistance to the elements which means it does not have to be laminated. Perfect for outdoor and indoor use.
And you have a choice of our Endura chrome or Perma Chrome inks.
Or if you prefer, our banner Pro material is a fantastic alternative.

In door backlit displays and directories are very popular in malls, restaurants, bars and trade shows settings. We have several different types of backlit materials to accommodate every need.
One option is a back printing display material. The image is reverse printed on the back of the material, therefore no lamination is required. Perfect for images that won’t be handled often, or short term use.
Other options are front printed materials laminated for protection, and reverse printed clear material with a diffusion backlit laminate on the back.
Also available is outdoor back lit signage and displays for up to two years of outdoor use.

One of many interesting uses for a large format output is as display backdrops for a window displays, stage set production, photographers backdrops or movie sets.
Any photo can be turned into a mood-setting backdrop with ease. Our photo backdrops appear more realistic than painted backdrops and require much less labor.
Plus the High resolution output we provide gives tremendous detail and realism to any project.
Various materials can be used depending on the budget and required longevity of the piece.

Static cling and adhesive signs are fairly new in the world of large format output. Typically these types of signs are silk screened. Our output process provides higher resolution and image quality without expensive setup charges.
These are very common in fast food restaurants, retail window displays and other applications where the ability to easily remove a graphic or sign from glass or any smooth surface is necessary.
Static cling vinyl is available in white or clear, as is the removable adhesive variety of material that can be stuck and then pulled off and repositioned.

Bring your treasured photographs to life!
Enhance the impact and drama with GIANT photo enlargements.
Make your event’s guest of honor bigger than life. Make those panoramic shots REALLY panoramic.
Our digital artists can even apply computer enhancements to eliminate dirt and scratches which were on the original photo. And we can add text and fancy borders if your wish.
The possibilities are endless!