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Of course, in the modern world of business, the internet is a huge marketplace. Every company must be a part of it; whether it be a small company creating their place on the web, or a larger business. Even personal interest and hobbies can benefit from an impression on the web. To have visitors enjoy their stay and keep coming back, the site must be pleasant to the eye.

I’m here to provide that service. I can create custom web site layouts, tailored to your needs, for low cost. From simple, quick and efficient designs to more complex, graphical layouts – I can make them all.

I’m always free to talk about a design project, and offer a very specific and tailored quote. For more information, visit the information section.

General Pricing

I quote prices based on generally how long it will take me, in hours, to design the graphics for the project. Below, I give information on payment and general prices for each type of project. I can only give an exact price after hearing all of the details for a project; to get a quote, contact me.

Logo Design

Logos are vague things; reworking an already made logo (for the web, or just general redesign) is usually the easiest type of design, assuming the customer has it in a black and white computer file, so a complicated description and many revisions need not be given! Otherwise, a lot of specification is required, so backtracking (redesigning a portion or the whole image) is not required.

General web logos, something needed for the head of a website, are the most common and range from 40-100$. Much detail is usually not needed, and often customers want me to use color and graphical effects to my best judgment.

Other logos, needed for print/product labels etc., often require much more customer interaction, such as checking to see proportions are right, colors are correct, etc. These range from $50-$200, depending on complexity. I don’t usually work up images from scratch, such as “a globe with [my company’s text] wrapped around it.” It’s better if the customer has a pre-made image or photo already that I can incorporate into the logo.

Webpage Layout Design

Conditions: Customer must have already purchased a domain name and webspace; that is the job of an internet host provider / consultant, and not the designer (me).

I design the actual layout of the page, how it looks; I don’t compose and write in the content. What I mean by that is I do only the graphics and HTML for those graphics, to make them fit together as a website. This is called a template, where the customer can plug in whatever content they wish, whenever they wish. The customer has full control over exactly what the website says, and uses my template (HTML and graphics) to do so. This relieves a lot of work hours on my part, so that I can spend time only on what I’m good at (creating graphics), which lowers costs.

Web page designs can range from the very low ($50) to average pricing (250-400$) to high ($500+). Just about every customer I’ve had has agreed that the prices match the size of the project and quality of design (which is probably why they were my customer in the first place). For “business card” sites, where the customer just needs their name and some information regarding something, which is not a complex layout, the price can be as low as 50$ and a very quick turnaround time. For the average site, the price would be around 300$, which includes logo (integrated into the layout, not standalone), interface, and all other general layout graphics, including a background texture, smaller menu graphics, etc. For higher end sites with special needs, we can talk about what price will constitute the time spent on the site.

Other Designs

I can do many other types of design, such as specific interfaces for a website or program, or other misc. images. Just send me a description of a project, and I can either quote you a price or refer you to someone who has the specific skills to handle your project cheaper and better.

Past Work

To see actual clients of mine and what I’ve made for them, refer to my Online Portfolio. To see images not done for clients, such as my personal creations, visit the creations section. The images in the creations section are usually behind my portfolio in terms of quantity and date.


I accept payment online by credit card (via paypal) or via check. I usually ask for 1/2 of the project’s payment up front, and then 1/2 on delivery.


To contact me about a design, please visit the contact page. Include in your email your name and general project information/expectations (including deadlines, if any) and then we’ll refine the details together, and I can offer a quote.